This website is the result of a long term study that began in 1987 to discover the ancestors of Jonathan Arnold b. 1754 in Connecticut. A cousin, Arnold Hooper had traced our ancestry back to Jonathan. With the immense help of my wife, Elizabeth, my aunts, Bernice and Dorothea, now deceased, the Connecticut Historical Society and others too numerous to mention, we were able to trace Jonathan’s ancestry back to a Puritan colonist, John Arnold. John was born in England in 1594, and came to colonial Massachusetts sometime before or during 1634 with his ten year old son, Joseph. We know that, on May 6, 1635, John was a Freeman in New Towne (now Cambridge), Massachusetts. His name shows up on a list of New Towne residents as residing there on August 4, 1634 and also May 6, 1635. He later (1636) helped to settle Hartford, Connecticut with Thomas Hooker’s company and was granted 16 acres in what is now downtown Hartford, Connecticut. Today his name can be seen on the Founders’ Monument in Hartford. He died in 1664 and his son, Joseph went on to become one of the founders of Haddam, Connecticut, 1662. Joseph’s great grandson was the Jonathan Arnold mentioned above, born in East Haddam, Connecticut in 1754 and became one of the early settlers of Meredith, Delaware County, New York. (ca 1800). He fought in the Revolutionary War and came to Delaware County a few years later. Jonathan’s son, Aaron was one of the early (1815) settlers of Bergen, Genesee County, New York. This branch of the family remained in the Western New York area until early in the 20th century.
In 1900, the family “patriarch”, Seth Jonathan Arnold (grandson of the Aaron mentioned above) passed away, leaving his wife Rosalthe and two adult sons, Clarence and Charles (the writer’s grandfather). Both young men decided to enter the new and exciting electrical industry. Clarence went to work for Westinghouse Electric Company and Charles married, obtained a position as electrician working on setting up the electrical exhibits at the St. Louis World’s Fair. This resulted in his moving to East St. Louis, Illinois where the writer’s father and aunt, Culbert Charles and his older sister, Dorothea were born.

Written By: Culbert Charles Arnold Jr.
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