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  Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Akron, Erie, NY        
  Albion, Orleans, NY NY USA 43°14'47.00"N 78°11'37.00"W
  Alexandria, Rapides, LA        
  Arlington National Cemetary, Arlington, Virginia        
  Athens, Calhoun, MI     42°05'12.00"N 85°14'08.00"W
  Atlanta, Fulton, GA        
  At Sea        
  Azalea Park, Orlando, Orange, FL        
B Batavia, Genesee, NY        
  Battle Creek, Calhoun , MI     42°19'11.48"N 85°10'45.00"W
  Beekman Patent, Dutchess, NY        
  Bergen , Genesee, NY NY   43°05'07.89"N 77°56'32.12"W
  Berrien Center, Berrien, MI MI USA    
  Billerica, Middlesex, MA        
  Boston, Suffolk, MA        
  Braintree, Norfolk, MA     42°13'16.00"N 71°00'05.00"W
  Bronson, Branch, MI        
  Brooklyn, Windham, CT        
  Buffalo, Erie, NY     42°53'11.00"N 78°52'11.00"W
  Burgess, NY        
  Byron Cemetary NY USA 43°04'48.00"N 78°03'27.00"W
  Byron, Genesee, NY     43°04'47.03"N 78°03'54.61"W
C Calcutta, India        
  Cambridge, Middlesex, MA        
  Canterbury, Windham, CT        
  Carlisle, Middlesex, MA        
  Caro, Tuscola, MI     43°29'28.79"N 83°23'47.94"W
  Cayuga Lake Military Academy        
  Central Burial Ground MA USA    
  Charleston Twp, Kalamazoo, MI        
  Chelmsford, Essex, England        
  Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA        
  Col. Alfred Cary Cemetary NY USA    
  Colorado Springs, CO        
D Daniel Shed Monument, Shed’s Neck, Quincy, MA MA   42°15'48.23"N 70°58'48.78"W
  Davy, McDowell, WV        
  Detroit, Wayne, MI        
E East St. Louis, St. Clair, IL Illinois USA 38°36'54.14"N 90°07'39.01"W
  Elba, Genesee County, NY     43°04'38.00"N 78°11'13.00"W
  European Theatre of War        
F Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex, England        
  Fitzgerald, Ben Hill, GA        
  Fresno, Fresno, CA        
  From Oneida Cty to Genesee Cty        
G Galesburg, Kalamazoo, MI     42°17'08.00"N 85°25'09.00"W
  Gorham, Cumberland, ME        
  Grand Ledge, Eaton and Clinton, MI     42°45'11.56"N 84°44'46.66"W
  Groton, Middlesex, MA        
H Hillsdale County, MI        
I Illinois        
K Kenmore, Erie, NY        
L Lancaster, Worcester, MA        
  Leslie, Ingham, MI        
  Lunenburg, Worcester, MA        
M Montgomery, Montgomery, AL        
  Mt. Albion Cemetary NY USA 43°14'19.00"N 78°09'22.00"W
  Mt. Olivet Cem. MI USA 43°23'29.00"N 83°56'12.00"W
N New Buffalo, WI        
  New England        
  New Milford, CT        
  New South Church MA      
  Newton, Middlesex, MA MA USA    
  New York, NY        
  North Byron Cemetary, Byron, Genesee Cty., NY     43°06'29.00"N 78°03'56.00"W
  Norway, Oxford, ME        
O Oakfield, Genesee, NY        
  Old Granary Burial Grounds MA      
  Orange Cty., FL        
  Orlando, Orange Cty., FL        
_ _, Orleans County, NY        
P Pembroke, Genesee, NY        
  Perinton, Monroe, NY     43°05'00.00"N 77°26'00.00"W
  Pine Hill Cemetary NY USA    
  Portland, OR        
R Rochester, Monroe, NY        
  Rochester, NY -Forest Lawn        
  Roselawn Memorial Gardens MI USA 43°25'03.00"N 84°00'30.00"W
  Roxbury, Suffolk, MA        
S Saginaw, Saginaw, MI MI USA    
  Saginaw, Saginaw, MI MI USA 43°25'10.95"N 83°58'08.57"W
  Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA        
  Seattle, King, WA        
  Sheffield, Berkshire, MA        
  St. Joseph, Berrien, MI MI USA 42°05'22.34"N 86°29'20.12"W
  Streator, LaSalle, IL        
  Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA        
  Sweden, Monroe, NY        
T Tewksbury, Middlesex, MA        
V Verona, Oneida, NY NY USA 43°08'22.71"N 75°34'19.22"W
W Washington, DC DC USA    
  Waverly, Brremer, Iowa        
  Westford, Middlesex, MA        
  Westmoreland, Oneida, NY     43°06'58.00"N 75°24'14.00"W
  White Creek, Washington, NY        
  Wisconsin WI