Arnold, Charles G., 2nd

Birth Name Arnold, Charles G., 2nd
Gender male
Age at Death 32 years, 3 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1809 Sandisfield, Berkshire, MA possibly, but not certain as to place
Death April 17, 1841 Bergen , Genesee, NY  
Burial 1841 East Bergen Cemetary  


Father Arnold, Aaron
Mother Allen, Elizabeth
  1. Arnold, George W.
  2. Arnold, Harriet
  3. Arnold, Charles G., 1st
  4. Arnold, Orpha


Married Wife Beecher, Irene
  1. Arnold, Aaron
  2. Arnold, Eliza
  3. Arnold, Rialto C.
  4. Arnold, John B.
  5. Arnold, Seth Jonathan


The only Charles G. Arnold in the 1830 NY census was on p316 in Alabama twp on the NW edge of Genesee Cty
The only charles G. arnold in the 1840 NY census was on p248 in Warsaw at that time in Genesee Cty (now Wyoming Cty)
According to the WNYGS Journal volXXVII No. 1 of June 2000 he died on April 12, 1841 of consumption at age 31

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Arnold, Aaron
    1. Allen, Elizabeth
      1. Arnold, Charles G., 2nd
        1. Beecher, Irene
          1. Arnold, Seth Jonathan
          2. Arnold, John B.
          3. Arnold, Aaron
          4. Arnold, Eliza
          5. Arnold, Rialto C.
      2. Arnold, George W.
      3. Arnold, Harriet
      4. Arnold, Charles G., 1st
      5. Arnold, Orpha


Emmons, Samuel, Jr.
Cone, Ruth
Allen, Amos
Allen, Jonathan
Allen, Jonathan Possible
Fuller, Bathsheba
House, Sarah
Spalding, Mary W.

Source References

  1. Tombstone- Bergen, Genesee Cty., NY