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  Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Abbey, Holme Cultram, Cumberland, England        
  Abbey, Saltre, Huntingdonshire, England        
  Aberdeenshire, Scotland        
  Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland        
  Antrim, Ireland        
  Ardtornish, Kingdom of the Isles, Argyllshire, Scotland        
  Argyll, Scotland        
  Argyllshire, Scotland        
  Arkell or Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario        
  Auchleskine, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
B Baldorran, Campsie, Stirling, Scotland        
  Balquhidder and Callander, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Beheaded at Castle Hill, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Berwickshire, Scotland        
" “Big farm on the hill” near Guelph, Wellington, Ontario.        
B Blaircroich, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Brix, Normandy, France        
  Bute, Buteshire, Scotland        
C Callander Village, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Callander Village, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Cardross Castle, on the Clyde, Scotland        
  Carrick, Argyll, Scotland        
  Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland        
  Cartonvenach, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Castle Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Castle, Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Church of the Black Friars, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland     55°53'11.00"N 2°09'31.00"W
  Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland        
D Doune, Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland     56°11'26.00"N 4°03'13.00"W
  Duff’s Presbyterian Church Ontario Canada    
  Duke Murdoch’s Castle, Loch Ard, Aberfoyle, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Dunbarton, Scotland        
  Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Dundonald, South Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, Scotland        
  Dunreath, Strathblane, Argyllshire, Scotland        
E East Aurora, Erie, NY NY USA 42°46'04.53"N 78°36'45.41"W
F Fergus, Wellington, Ontario Ontario Canada 43°42'19.59"N 80°22'41.31"W
  Finlaggan, Islay, Scotland        
  Fokeltie, Ayrshire, Scotland        
G Gartconnel, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Gisburne Priory, Cleveland, Yorkshire, England        
  Glenbuckie, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Glenorchy, Argyll, Scotland        
  Gloucestershire, England        
  Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada Ontario Canada 43°32'21.00"N 80°14'51.00"W
H Holy Land, Palestine        
  Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England        
I Inchmahome Priory, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Inchmarrah Castle, Loch Lommand, Perthshire, Scotland        
  in Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Inverlochlarig, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Iona, Scotland        
  Ireland (in exile)        
K Killearn, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Kincardine and Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Kingdom of the Isles (Argyllshire, Scotland)        
L Lamont, Lochawe, Argyll, Scotland        
  Lecropt, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Lennox, Dumbarton, Scotland        
  Lennox, Dunbartonshire, Scotland        
  Lennox, Scotland        
  Lennox, Stirling, Scotland        
  Lennox, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Lianach of Glenbuckie, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Limvady, Ulster, Ireland        
  Lochawe, Argyll, Scotland        
  Lochawe, Argyllshire, Scotland        
  Lochmaben Castle, Dumfrieshire, Scotland        
M Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Moray, Scotland        
  Muirlaggan, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland        
N never married        
  Normandy, France        
O on horseback, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland        
  Ontario (possibly Ayr)        
P Paisley Chapel        
  Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland        
  Perthshire, Scotland        
  Priory, Gisborough, Yorkshire, England        
  Probably Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland        
  probably Scotland        
  Puslinch Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada        
  Puslinch Township, Wellington, Ontario Ontario Canada 43°27'00.00"N 80°10'00.00"W
R Rathern, Scotland        
  Red Bay Castle, Glenariff, Antrim, Ireland        
  Rowallan, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland        
  Rusky, Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland        
S Scone Abbey, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Scotland (probably Perthshire)        
  Skelton, Yorkshire, England        
  Stirling Castle, Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Stirlingshire, Scotland        
  Summerline Flanders Moss, Blair Drummond, Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland        
T Tower, Strathfillan, Perthshire, Scotland        
  Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland        
U Ulster, Ireland        
  Ulster, Ireland        
W Wellington County, Ontario   Canada