This page contains an index of all the families/ relationships in the database, sorted by their family name/ surname. Clicking on a person’s name will take you to their family/ relationship’s page.

Letter Partner 1 Partner 2 Marriage Divorce
A Allard, Cuthbert [F1369] Bourassa, Aurelie [F1369] August 13, 1850  
  Allard, Elizabeth [F0276] Boucher, Louis DeGonzaque [F0276] January 1, 1883January 1, 1883   
  Allard, Joseph [F1370] Crochetiere, Ursule [F1370] August 17, 1824  
  Allard, Pierre-Charles [F1063] Beaucage, Marie [F1063] 1784  
B Beaucage, Marie [F1063] Allard, Pierre-Charles [F1063] 1784  
  Bergeron, Agnes [F0285] Lessard, Louis [F0285]    
  Boucher, Leah [F0283] Lessard, Alphonse [F0283] May 24, 1904  
  Boucher, Louis DeGonzaque [F0276] Allard, Elizabeth [F0276] January 1, 1883January 1, 1883   
  Boucher, Pierre [F1367] Chene, M. Josephte [F1367] May 12, 1812  
  Boucher, Pierre [F0418] Herbert, Angelique [F0418]    
  Boucher, Simon [F1366] Reniere, Marie Louise [F1366] July 27, 1841  
  Bourassa, Aurelie [F1369] Allard, Cuthbert [F1369] August 13, 1850  
  Bourassa, Paul [F1371] Lemire, Marquerite [F1371] April 20, 1818  
C Chene, M. Josephte [F1367] Boucher, Pierre [F1367] May 12, 1812  
  Crochetiere, Ursule [F1370] Allard, Joseph [F1370] August 17, 1824  
D Dugast, Madeleine [F1379] Herbert, Jean [F1379]    
H Herbert, Angelique [F0418] Boucher, Pierre [F0418]    
  Herbert, Jean [F1379] Dugast, Madeleine [F1379]    
  Herbert, Olivier [F1378] Savoie, Marie [F1378]    
  Heroux, Angelique [F1368] Reniere, Joesph [F1368] October 11, 1819  
L Lemire, Marquerite [F1371] Bourassa, Paul [F1371] April 20, 1818  
  Lessard, Alphonse [F0283] Boucher, Leah [F0283] May 24, 1904  
  Lessard, Louis [F0285] Bergeron, Agnes [F0285]    
  Lessard, Rayne William [F0291] Trousil, Elsie [F0291] March 4, 1933  
R Reniere, Joesph [F1368] Heroux, Angelique [F1368] October 11, 1819  
  Reniere, Marie Louise [F1366] Boucher, Simon [F1366] July 27, 1841  
S Savoie, Marie [F1378] Herbert, Olivier [F1378]