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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
B Bark River, Delta, MI [P0315]     45°42'46.56"N 87°17'50.34"W
C Canada [P0182]        
E Escanaba, Delta, MI [P0323]        
F Frenchtown, Meyer Township, Menominee, MI [P0321]        
H Hermansville, Menominee Cty, MI [P0329]     45°42'40.00"N 87°36'08.00"W
L Louiseville, Quebec [P1133]     45°15'21.00"N 72°56'36.00"W
M Maskinonge, Maskinonge Cty. Que. [P1136]        
P Powers, Menominee, MI [P0328]        
S Spalding, Menominee, MI [P0336]        
  St. Francis Hosp. (Escanaba) [P0335] MI USA 45°44'31.00"N 87°04'48.00"W
  St. Francis Xavier Church [P1001] MI USA 45°41'48.00"N 87°30'33.00"W
  St. Leon, Quebec, Canada [P1135]     46°19'02.00"N 72°55'00.00"W
  St. Paulin, Quebec, Canada [P0327]     46°25'02.00"N 73°00'47.00"W
  St. Ursule, Maskinonge, Quebec, Canada [P0319] Quebec Canada 46°17'08.36"N 73°01'52.40"W
T Trois Rivieres. Quebec [P1134] Quebec Canada 46°20'03.00"N 72°32'35.00"W